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How Do We Do it?

Social Media Marketing

With the viewer becoming more and more impatient, posting an image is no longer enough. You must X t e n d your REACH and ENGAGE your customers & potential customers with a campaign that is strategically placed & planned. Our team of experts can help to develop a customized campaign with eye catching graphics and post content that entices your customer to engage and ultimately, convert.  

Content Management

It’s a browsing world, and people move on in the blink of an eye.  Our high end creativity focused content, is designed to stop them in their browsing tracks, peaking their interest, and enticing them with a call to action.  Quality content determines if the browser moves on or engages.  Let    our  Content  Management Team engage your demographic and X t e n d your success.

Web Design + Search Engine Optimization

Your website is one of your most valuable internet assets. Don't settle for mediocre. Let our Web Designers create a website that reflects your brand or business in it's truest fashion, while also taking advantage of our SEO expertice. Your target customers are the ones who are searching for your product, service, and business. SEO is KEY to getting greater exposure on search engines such as Google. 

X t e n d Social 

Reach | Engage | Convert  

We X t e n d Brands Online

Social Media Marketing | Web Design | Search Engine Optimization 

The Internet Is Open 24 Hours Are you?

If the Internet is running 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year, Shouldn't your online presence be 24 hours a day as well?

Who We Are

At X t e n d Social we believe the first step in any marketing campaign is being where your customers are.  It's no secret that in today's technology based world, your customers are spending a large majority of their time on various social media platforms. We leverage this opportunity through generating creative content to stop them in their browsing tracks and grab their interest.  We then take an active engagement approach, developing a relationship of sorts, fostering a level of brand loyalty traditional marketing outlets fail to drive.  Through creative calls to action we help guide your loyal customer through to a successful conversion.       Contact us now to  X t e n d your Reach, Engagement, and Conversion Rates. 


Today X t e n d Social is a full service marketing firm and while we specialize in social media management, our team of professionals offer everything from content management, website design, to public relations.  Contact us today to discuss your needs and put us to work for you.   X t e n d Social.




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Social Media Management
Social Media Management


Social Media Management

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