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X t e n d Social was born out of a passion project of our Director of Creative Projects, Lindsay Barnes.  Originally blogging about, and then creating an online store for certain organic beauty products, Lindsay gained quite the following and after several prominent businesses began to reach out inquiring about her services noting the level of creativity in her content and targeted placement of her ads, making her work stand apart, X t e n d Social was born...organically.

Today X t e n d Social is a full service marketing firm and while we specialize in social media management, our team of professionals offer everything from content management, website design, to public relations.  Contact us today to discuss your needs and put us to work for you. X t e n d Social.


Lindsay Barnes

Founder & CEO

Lindsay is our creative eagle eye. Designing and inventing a popular product for the fashion industry, she moved on to a passion project blogging about organic beauty regimens and products.  Mastering social media marketing in the process, and becoming an expert, businessess took notice.  Not missing a beat, and partnering with traditional marketing professionals, the full service marketing firm that is  X t e n d Social was born...organically.  

Head of Marketing

Mark Barnes

After successfully launching his own company, Mark went on to successfully manage a multimillion dollar company in the energy sector as the Sales and Operations Manager. Mark brings his years of successful sales and marketing experience along with his business operations management expertise to our team providing X t e n d Social with the perfect mix of both small and large business mindsets.

Billy Lucero

Creative Director

With passion and drive, Billy leads the way as one of the leading Creatives in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. Billy's web and print work can be seen with large corporations such as Verizon Wireless, Toshiba,, Kaiser Permanente, The Gas Company, and many more. 


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